Reading Room

The Biblioteca d’Arte’s bibliographical holding is in closed storage: requests for material may be made at the desk in the reading room.

Access to services is given to people above the age of 16.

The reading room is equipped to provide access to databases and both national and international bibliographical catalogues. The services - offered to those readers already in possession of a free library card - apply only to documents held by the Library and information sources accessibile therein, and are as follows:

Consultation in Reading Room of bibliographical materials and documents held by the libraries of the service, and locally accessible electronic resources, the Internet and specialised databases (requests on computer terminals must be made 30 minutes before the midday break and 30 minutes before closing time in the afternoon);

Photocopies and photographic reproduction, may only be made on the library premises and only of bibliographical material and documents held by the Library and Service;
Consulting bibliographies on the premises;

Availability of the previous card catalogues of the Biblioteca d’Arte (by author and subject), of the Ente Raccolta Vinciana and Raccolta Grassi, housed in the Milan Gallery of Modern Art; use of the Internet via WiFi

Other services

As well as the information accessible in the reading room, other services that do not require a reader’s card are available: telephone and email queries, bibliographical advice via email;

Link to the Catalogo Unico del Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale (SBN), from the website at: 
and for archive material:

The purchase of editions published and distributed by the Servizio Biblioteca Archeologica Numismatica, Biblioteca d’Arte (cfr. Catalogue of publications, in the library and on the website); promotional initiatives and initiatives aimed at adding cultural value such as conferences, meetings, exhibitions, etc. with invitations extended to those subscribed to the Service’s mailing list; the service’s website, also providing information in English and updated via the periodical “Bulletin of Additions to Bibliography in the Catalogue”, including warnings about possible changes to opening times, as well as organisational and promotional variations etc. With the permission of the directorate, the majority of the archive material is accessible by appointment and with appropriate accompaniment and assistance in the properly equipped storage areas of the Sforza Castle where they are held.

All rooms are secured with access and equipment in line with safety standards.

Being a reference library none of the material may be lent, other than for exhibitions and only then with the competent authorisations, nor may documents or files containing reproductions of library material be sent. The Libraries of the service do not operate in a regime of reciprocity with other libraries.